Jimbo is a former member of Phoenix Squad in Knight School who got lost and trapped in a cave for ten months. Upon his return, he took back his spot, forcing Arc out of the Squad.

Jimbo is portrayed by Tenzing Norgay Trainor.


Jimbo has an awkward personality, as Ciara explains when they see him hugging random objects. His best friend is a shield with a face drawn on it. He calls it Shielda. Being stuck in the cave only made him more weird to an extent where he eats rocks. It also made him revengeful as he plots an evil plan to get back at Phoenix Squad for failing to find him.

Despite his shortcomings, Jimbo is a great baker, proud of his baking skills.


A while back, Jimbo joined Knight School as a member of the Phoenix Squad to train to become a knight. Unfortunately, he wandered into the caves and got trapped by a rock inside the infamous Cave of Farts. His friends - Ciara, Prudence and Warwick looked for him for weeks without any success. So, they gave up and assumed that Jimbo has left Knight School to pursue his dream in baking.

In The Dork Knight Returns, Jimbo is freed when Prudence moves the boulder blocking the entrance to the Cave of Farts. Phoenix Squad is surprised to see Jimbo again. Sir Gareth welcomes Jimbo back into Knight School and back to the Phoenix Squad. Since a squad can only have four members, Arc is kicked out of Phoenix Squad because Jimbo was there first. Ciara and her friends don't want to lose Arc. So, they come up with a plan to get Jimbo to quit by tricking him to pursue baking.

While Phoenix Squad is trying to get him to quit, Jimbo is plotting revenge against them because they gave up searching for him. Arc overhears Jimbo's evil plans and tries to stop him but Jimbo knocks him out with a sleeping sulphur. He takes Arc to the Cave of Farts and tricks the rest of the Phoenix Squad to come rescue Arc. He then traps them all inside. Upon escaping, Phoenix Squad explains what Jimbo did to Sir Gareth.

Jimbo is arrested and thrown into the dungeon.


  • Tenzing Norgay Trainor who plays Jimbo also worked with Amarr (Warwick) and executive producers John D. Beck and Ron Hart on the Disney show, Liv and Maddie.
  • Jimbo is one of the many predecessors of Arc who couldn't last long in the Phoenix Squad.