Kraken Squad is one of the main squads at Knight School. Its members include Sage, Buttercup and two boys. Their main rival is Phoenix Squad. Kraken Squad is led by Sage.


Opening Knight

To eliminate Phoenix Squad, the Kraken Squad leader, Sage, devises a plan to get Phoenix Squad kicked out of Knight School. She challenges Ciara into choosing the most dangerous quest from the list - retrieving the golden dagger. During Phoenix Squad's mission, Sage and Buttercup attempted to sabotage them by awaking the beast using nose fairies and causing Prudence to sneeze. Sage is disappointed when Phoenix Squad succeeds despite all her efforts to eliminate them.

A Knight at the Roxbury

In the competition for Roxbury Cup, Sage chooses herself to compete for the cup on behalf of the Kraken Squad. Her main drive is that she always used to win before Ciara showed up. Buttercup is not confident that Sage will win. But thanks to Ciara and Arc's princess drama, Sage leads Kraken Squad to victory.



  • Sage and Buttercup are the only Kraken Squad members who are main characters. The others are extras who haven't had any lines so far.
  • Kraken Squad won the annual Roxbury Cup in 2018.