Saffron is the mother of Sage. She knows magic/potions.

She is portrayed by Maria Canals-Barrera, who was known for being Theresa Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place.


She and Sage have a lot of things in common, though in most regards is more evil than her only daughter.

Character History

After Sage caused a unicorn to slime Phoenix Squad, they asked Gareth to kick Sage out of Knight School. He schedules a parent-teacher with Saffron, who puts a griffin talon medallion on Gareth's eye patch, making him fall head over heals for her.

While under her control, she gave Buttercup a day off from Knight School and told Warwick to change his name to Stevewick. She also decided that Sage must become a knight now, putting phoenix Squad in charge of set up.

Sage ends up siding with Phoenix Squad in stopping her mom's plans, mainly because she wants to defeat them fair and square.

She exited Knight School by transforming into a bat via another medallion.


  • She is the first female relative to appear in an episode
  • She is the only adult other than Sir Gareth to be mentioned by name