Spells are mostly used by Spitzalot School of Sorcery since they use spells for their training. Spells are capable of doing things the user wants and could be used as an advantage of cheating which Team Hex did.

Spell Usage Casted By Episode(s)
Exevelo, plucky, plucky

It removes an item out of a painting

(or Picture as seen in A Thief in the Knight).

Reveltray, putus, backus

If the item came out of the painting. it puts back the item.

  • Warwick
  • Sorceress Spitzalot
Achy, breaky, chainy, chain

The spell could break chains.

  • Warwick (failed)
Releasio, ropey, rope

Spell is used to remove a difficult item like the Friendship Bracelets.

  • Warwick (failed)
Scrunchie, scrunchie, punchy, punch

This spell is used to hit the enemy.

  • Warwick
Vidatour, sorcee, stuffee

Used to teleport the user's things to their location.

  • Violet
Be goneus, Phoenix Squadus

The spell teleports Phoenix Squad to another location.

  • Violet
Invisibility, pushy, wushy

The spell can give an invisible strength for the user.

  • Sebastian
Epidus, speakee, truthus

Used to make someone else tell the truth permanently.

  • Warwick
Bottleus, comesy heresy
Makes a bottle float in midair to the user
  • Warwick (in alternate universe)
Clonos, Benjamin, Splatz Creates a magic pocket watch that can change anyone's age
  • Warwick
Take thee outie axie-waxie! A Spell that supposed to cause an

enemy (Ambala) to loose their


  • Warwick (accidentally hit Kraken Squad)
Quark anky, stoppy stoppy! freezes a person
  • Warwick
Batamus wingy blingy gives the user bat wings
  • Warwick
Cerebellumus, fakey-makey! creates fake brains
  • Warwick


melts ice or heats something
  • Warwick